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About Us

In 1999 Bob Missroon, the founder of Precision As-Builts recognized the need for more precise and up-to-date drawings and information for construction and renovation projects. Through job related experience, he discovered a lack of quality and timely information being provided to the organizations which require as-built surveys in order to begin the design phase of upcoming projects. He started an organization called Helihawk Associates, which specialized in the creation of architectural as-built surveying and the production of as-built plans using AutoCAD.

The name Helihawk Associates stemmed from Bob Missroon’s experience as a helicopter maintenance test pilot for the U.S. Army where he completed nearly 2,000 flight hours. His time flying Blackhawk Helicopters (UH-60) was among his most memorable experiences while serving in the military. Over the years customers have asked us why we chose our unique name. The name Helihawk is simply shorthand for Helicopter Blackhawk. Recently our organization has ventured into government contracting and in the process has become a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).

After officially incorporating the company in 2000 as Helihawk Associates, the name later changed to “Precision Architectural As-Built Services, Inc.” in 2010, in order to have a name that most accurately represents the service we provide. Precision As-Builts still retains the existing customers that have been loyal to our organization since 1999. Since the early days of Helihawk/Precision our organization has completed over 5,000 as-built surveys for architects, retailers, banks, grocery stores, high-rise corporate headquarters, educational facilities, homeowners, etc… Several of Precision’s customers have ordered hundreds of surveys each over the years, as the quality and consistency of the work we provide has always been our highest priority. We hope to have an opportunity to serve you for all of your upcoming as-built surveying needs present and future!

Are you interested in learning more about our services?

If you are in the market for an as-built architectural drawing, we have field surveyors located around the country lowering our turn-around time and keeping travel expenses to a minimum. Contact us for a quote on our architectural drafting services. Just looking for an accurate floor plan on CAD? We are available to provide a quote for all projects, ranging from limited architectural surveys in small retail spaces to large-scale projects entailing a more detailed scope of work in larger buildings and multiple building complexes.

Our as-built construction drawings are delivered in AutoCAD format, along with a complete set of clear digital photos and a survey report outlining pertinent information including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc… To see a typical scope of work, visit our services page, or view our grocery store and retail store samples.

Government Procurement Information

  • NAICS Codes: 541310, 541340, 541350
  • SIC Code: 8712
  • VA Status: CVE Verified SDVOSB
  • DUNS Number: 079-244-639
  • SBA Status: Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business
  • GSA (SIN): 871 7
  • CAGE Code: 7AB50
  • Legal Business Name: Precision Architectural As-Built Services, Inc.
  • DBA Name: Precision As-Builts